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Tue, 01/05/2021 - 8:21pm

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Telehealth Services at Cradlerock 


Telehealth Services are returning to Cradlerock. Telehealth is a service provided by a partnership between The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) and the Howard County Health Department (HCHD.) During Social Distancing/Virtual Learning these services are limited and offered to families who do not have health insurance or a primary care provider. If your children have health insurance and a doctor, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with their primary care provider.


Parents interested in having their child/children seen will need to contact Jeanette Donald at the Howard County Health Department to schedule a visit. Her email is or call 410-313-6367.  Appointments will be offered on Mondays from 8:00 to 12:00 and Wednesdays from 8:00 to 4:00 for any non-urgent medical concerns. 

Telemedicine visits are NOT appropriate for emergency care. If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.


Typical Patient Symptoms Appropriate for Telemedicine


Behavior and development, eating/nutrition/weight issues, sleep disturbances, eye problems, painful menstrual periods, stomach aches, vomiting/diarrhea, constipation, cough and congestion, depression/anxiety, rashes/insect bites/minor burns/sores, runny nose, muscle and joint injuries, asthma management and follow up



Please complete the enrollment form if your child is new to Telehealth. If your child was previously enrolled, no further action is needed.

Enrollment Packet English

Enrollment Packet(Espanol)


Language Line
They will be using the Language Line with direct translation for families who need translation services.
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