Young Author's Contest 2017-2018

Fri, 01/26/2018 - 2:55pm



Congratulations to all of our winners and participants in the 2017-18 Young Authors Contest.  All students who entered a poem or short story are invited to a special breakfast to receive an award and showcase their work.  The breakfast will be held in the cafeteria on February 2nd, from 8:30-9:15.  Invitations were sent home with participants.  Family members are invited to join the writing celebration!



Young Author Winners


Second Grade

Duncan Schuster - Poem

Marcus Brandon - Short story


Third Grade

Leilani Hanes - Poem

Morgan Mayrovitz - Short Story


Fourth Grade

Madelyn Berkowitz - Poem

Sufyaan Zuberi - Short Story


Fifth Grade

Belma Repesa - Poem

Farrelle Adotevi - Short Story




Young Author Participants



Second Grade

Marcus Brandon

Duncan Schuster

Paige Carey


Third Grade

Leilani Hanes

Morgan Mayrovitz

Madelyn Schuster

Janae Johnson

Trinity Anderson

Erick Lam

Tamia Love

Maliah Mills

Samantha Mercer

Lizbeth Tepetitla

Yarden Adotevi

Naya Boykan

Zacharia Melton

Chase Harris


Fourth Grade

Madelyn Berkowitz

Sufyaan Zuberi

Nana Osei

Natalie McGrath

Jarsheem Washington-Bey

Tyler Masters

Abigail Afforo

Jessica Kadje

Philip Jackson

Charlize Gabel

Esther Bello

Emmanuel Oluremi

Karen Magana-Valdizon

Indraja Meizys

Nico Salvia

Elena Park

Minh-Nhat Huynh

Pierce Harrison-Cortez

Danny Castro Melendez

Olaoluwa Ojo

Daniel Klinkenberg

Seth Lee

Angelo Casso

Ashley Wanjiru

Sophie Johnson

De’Ana Bowen


Fifth Grade

Farrelle Adotevi

Belma Repesa

Sarang Danielle Jang

Jacob Schuster

Adna Nuhanovic

Jack Bittner

Lugman Yusuph

Kristal Gonzalez

Raiden Little

Sophia Deleney-Sells

Sitara Canada

James Clark